Each book presents Malaika's encounter with a spiritual theme and how it plays out in her everyday life. Stay updated on the latest books from the Collection MALAIKA AND THE ANGEL



Malaika meets Rafiki, her guardian angel. She is introduced to the role of her special spiritual friend but also learns how to attune to her feelings, develop and trust her intuition.



Malaika learns about the natural law of actions and reactions and compassion. She meets the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. With Michael, she reflects on anger and gossiping. Gabriel teaches her that what matters most is "being" versus "doing" and Raphael shares some precious earth treasures for her wellbeing.


HARMONY - coming out in november 2019

Malaika explores the causes of wars and the importance of compassionately and lovingly embrace all differences. With the Angel Sala, she discovers the treasures of meditation, prayer and contemplation. She goes onto a journey of Harmony.


ONENESS - coming out in december 2019

Malaika is taken inwardly to tend her soul like a beautiful garden. She learns about being an earthcarer and loving Mother Nature. She is introduced to the oneness of all.

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LOVE - coming oUT in december 2019

Malaika meets Mapenzi, an angel of love who teaches her how to practice the Art of Loving. The angel shares practical tools and attitudes such as non-violent communication, empathy, contentment and forgiveness.