Meet Malaika. Slightly shy. Sometimes mischievous. Always inquisitive and ever-open to the splendors of the spiritual world. Now meet her Guardian Angel, Rafiki, who reveals that angels can be anything and anywhere. Today Rafiki is a zebra, but tomorrow who knows where the spirit will land - because Rafiki likes to change outfits almost as much as Malaika does. Malaika and the Angel, takes readers on all-embracing adventures into an environment in which spiritual and material spaces overlap.. Within each quest is a universal life lesson.

Malaika and the Angel is an uplifting collection of spiritual tales inspiring us to rediscover ourselves, others and look at the universe lovingly, with plenty of awe and wonder. The stories give a general sense of spirituality without dogma. The books are not religious and accessible to people of all faiths, beliefs and philosophies. Each book celebrates the values that unite us all: oneness, loving boundlessly, compassion, kindness, gratitude, embracing differences, being an earthcarer and more.

The books are appropriate for children of all ages, 5 to 95. For the younger children, beautiful watercolor illustrations are the gateway to the stories that parents can use to their own imagination. 

My spiritual journey is a never-ending book of marvel. As years go by, I often go forward and often backwards but the journey is never short of treasures. I started writing these tales 12 years ago and feel it will never be complete as my journey reflects Malaika’s. Wherever she is today, I am grateful that you picked these books and hope you will enjoy them.
Love, gratitude and blessings,
— Swaady Martin, Author


Thank you for purchasing the books, for organizing a fund raiser to purchase the books, for sharing with your networks, for sending good thoughts throughout the campaign. Together we are changing the world, spreading love values from childhood and supporting diverse voices to bring their contribution to children's literature.

The campaign closed successfully and the book is being presented to 29 publishers. Once we have finalized with a publishing house, you will receive your books. The process should take 2-3 months so thank you in advance for your patience.